Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carl DeMaio ~ Good or Bad for the LGBT Community?

VIDEO: Carl DeMaio addressing the Log Cabin Republican's monthly meeting February 18, 2014.
            Carl talks about his historic congressional web ad which includes his partner Jonathan Hale.

Photo credit: Deanna Rivera
Carl DeMaio at U.S. Grant
Hotel February 11, 2014.
      Win or lose this November the republican congressional candidate in the 52nd District has already made history. Carl DeMaio, an openly gay former San Diego City Council member and the San Diego Mayoral candidate who came close to beating Bob Filner in the 2012 San Diego mayoral race, has posted his first congressional web ad.
      The add has garnered National and world wide attention because of a photo of Carl and his partner Jonathan Hale walking in the 2012 San Diego Pride Parade. And while the photo is only shown for 3 seconds, this marks the first time an openly gay republican candidate has included his partner in a political ad, albeit only on the web for now.  
    Photo credit: Deanna Rivera
Jonathan Hale & Carl DeMaio ~ Stonewall Rally at the Rainbow Flag
in Hillcrest July 12, 2013.

      During the 2012 San Diego Mayoral race against Bob Filner, DeMaio was advised against including his  partner in any campaign ads. After losing to Bob Filner, who would later leave office in the mist of sexual harassment charges, Carl fired those advisors.
                 DeMaio is being touted as one of the new, young, bold member's of the republican party. A new generation conservative who wants everyone to know this isn't your father's republican party anymore. While many party members and leaders in D.C. continue to push "traditional", code for  "heterosexual's only"  family values, DeMaio is breaking down the stereotypical idea of what a real conservative is or should be.
      In his speech at the February monthly Log Cabin Republican's meeting Carl touched on what the ad really is. It is no different then a political ad for a heterosexual candidate who want to include  his/her family, so as to best represent those family values the republican's are always talking about and which now must include the value of  todays modern families.

   Photo credit: Deanna Rivera.
Carl DeMaio, Jonathan Hale and member's of the LCR at the
U.S. Grant Hotel for Kevin Faulconer's San Diego mayoral race win
February. 11, 2014.

    A gay politician is not new.  A gay republican  politician who includes his partner in campaign ads however, is ground breaking historic.
     It is yet to be seen if  DeMaio's decision to include his partner in the congressional web ad will hurt him with the base of the republican party in the 52nd District. Carl insists it should not.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dignity Delivery~Mission To The Streets

Dignity Delivery is a rapidly growing group of volunteers who hand deliver personal care items to San Diego's homeless community. The volunteers meet in front of the University Christian Church at 3900 Cleveland Ave. in Hillcrest before heading to the set up location on the outskirts of downtown San Diego. The volunteers come together on the last Saturday of every month to hand out donated items such as toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, socks, tarps, blankets and last month in December a gift of a homemade crocheted beanie for all who came by. The 130 beanies were hand made and donated by a volunteers sister in Louisiana. Dignity Delivery~Mission To The Streets is meant to foster and enhance the daily lives of the homeless community. The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence joined the volunteers Dec. 28, 2013 to hand out items and smiles. The volunteers hand out more then just material items, the interaction between volunteers and the homeless they serve is warm and sincere. Some of the regular volunteers with Dignity Delivery have fostered friendships with many of the chronically homeless individuals that they serve. Dignity Delivery is a non-profit 501c3, so all donations to the organization are tax deductible.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kevin Faulconer Comes Out to Hillcrest.

San Diego's Log Cabin Republican President, Susan Jester walks the streets of Hillcrest with Mayoral Candidate, Kevin Faulconer to discuss ways to assist with and maintain prosperity.  -PHOTO: Deanna Rivera

The special San Diego Mayoral election will be held on February 11, 2014. San Diego Mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer spent some time meeting small business owners in the Hillcrest area. Kevin listened to what some small business owners would change/improve, if they themselves were mayor. Their answers were of the standard concerns about potholes and security on the streets. All would enjoy seeing more Holiday shoppers before the 25th, but they also acknowledged that things could be worse.

Kevin and Big Mike from Harvey Milks American Diner discuss the future of Hillcrest over a cup of coffee..-PHOTO: Deanna Rivera
For More information about Kevin Faulconer for Mayor, vist:

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Call to Arms for all Trans People.

This is our flag.   This is our time.  Now.

As the world argues and tries to come to terms with the variations that have existed within society from the dawn of time, many will not understand or deal with these human inconsistencies that have been hidden and repressed for so long. For they have been hidden and repressed due to fear. Fear of rejection, violence and untimely deaths.  Fear, that stems from an avid disdain for what is unpopular, uncommon or just plain different.  Dogmatic and draconian principles handed down for generations that repressed feelings and expression outside the box of the current peer populace. Society has placed all people into categories and boxes. You MUST be one or the other. Someday, people will see the truth in variations and realize that life as we know it was created from variants.
Until then, the opposition will get ugly, they will lie, cheat, use violence and any tool they can to demean all communities that bring a metamorphosis to society. Whether it be positive or not. They will shun all logic in lieu of their views (proven or not).
Former Navy Seal, Kristin Beck
Sometimes I feel like I was handed a prison sentence at birth. A cage locked so  tight, so closed, that escape is worse than containment. For many, it is a lifelong struggle. For all, it is a mind fuck so bad that causes suicides at an alarming rate, it breaks up families, it ruins childhoods, it tears apart foundations and roots. For as bad is it is, life for most other beings on this planet is much worse. How dare we complain. How dare we loathe ourselves when we are all such miracles of nature.  Now is the time, more than any time, that we all need to finish off the hate and replace it with love. Now we need to prove that diversity has been with us all along and ALL of us proudly represent one race, the human one. It’s time to prove that divisions and repressions will only send us backwards and deeper into hate. It’s time to collectively strengthen our arguments and prove that there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s time to move into this century. It’s time to be proud of who we were and who we are. It is NOT the time to go stealth or hide in a closet, feel sorry for our self or commit suicide. It’s time to be visible and be SCĒN!  It's time to be yourself and be strong.  It's time to be proud!

I am going to be the first to admit that the transgender community is one of the most diverse, if not most divided demographics in the world.   Quite honestly, many of us don't even like many of us.  We are all so different that if it wasn't for the similarity of being transgender, we probably would even associate with each other.   We owe it to our younger generations to bite the bullet, put on our big girl panties (or for guys, Man up) and be united, active and vocal!  We have been assigned the daunting task of changing the face of transgender and the way we are looked at in the world.   It is going to be nasty at times, even dangerous.  But we must come together, for each other and for society.  If you are stealth, if you have been living your life as a female in silence.   Please, help those that can't and those that will transition in the future by coming out and admitting who you were and why you became who you are.  Be an ambassador.  A positive ambassador!!

I seriously believe that once we show some compassion and intelligence, we will win the hearts and minds of America, then the world.   Realistically, we all know that nowadays,  kids are realizing what many of us DIDN'T know back when we were kids and didn't have the internet.  So mid life "Late" transitions will become extinct, kids will transition before their bodies morph into the gender that they didn't want and the 30+ years spent in denial and dysphoria will be a thing of the past.   So much of what we are fighting for is for them.  (Your welcome, kids).  For those of us that are just beginning our journey in our 30's,40's or later will experience a body that has been chiseled out by testosterone (estrogen) and years manly(womanly) traits coupled with cranky muscles, bones and fat in places that make us the gender we despise. And, with the education in place and at hand, gender dysphoric teens and twenty-somethings won't go into the closet of denial and get married, have kids, become somebody they aren't just to please a family member or the rest of society, etc....  Transitions will be come common in schools and playgrounds and will hopefully be as common someday as a child that is left handed or diabetic.  Three will someday be a common place dissertation between a transgender female, Rocky Horror and drag queens.(Pipe dream?).   Until then, we still have a long uphill battle...And there is only one way to win it:

Be an ambassador!

am·bas·sa·dor (n) An unofficial representative: ambassadors of goodwill.

The way I discern this is that being an ambassador generally means that you are representing your cause (In this case being trans) to the world to show them that you are likable, decent, humble and proud.  Most importantly.  HUMAN.

Hate, I believe  runs much deeper for transgender men and women.  It is a combination of fear and misinformation.  In which, our opposition has been very good at controlling for thousands of years.  The only way to combat this is through education and compassion.   Both of these are traits we were born with.  Both of these, in combination, will be the only thing that will combat fear and misinformation.   By being visible to all, and by being a positive ambassador, role model, neighbor, co-worker, friend and human, we will teach society, one by one that we are not freaks, perverts, abominations or deviants.  But rather normal people with strong morals and big brains.  We will teach that chromosomes aren't always X and Y.  And that sex has nothing to do with the clothes you wear or the gender that you represent.   And, that sex is actually one of the LAST reasons we do what we do and are who we are!!  We need to prove that we aren't going into a bathroom to peep on other women, that there are trans men as well.  And they are just the same: Human.  We need to rid ourselves of the stigma that transgender is a pervert in a dress.  But rather a variance of natures.  A necessity for progressiveness.  That transgender is natural and actually beneficial to society in many ways, equality between men and women being one of them.

With that said.  I would like to plea..OK, beg for positive "Ambassadorship".  So if you are a trans female, and you go into the ladies room, locker room, changing room, etc, PLEASE be a lady!

Common sense rules.
  1. DON'T pee standing up!! I can't believe that I have to state this piece of common sense..But I do!
  2. DON'T leave the seat up!!  See above.
  3. DON'T take a long time if it is a single bathroom/stall
  4. DON'T assume entitlement (even though we are entitled).  Be humble and thankful that your not in the men's room in a dress.  
  5. DO Smile, be kind, be yourself, be generous, be truthful. 
  6. DO learn some poise, feminine manners and demeanor. 
  7. DON'T give any haters ammunition.  
Being "In between" confuses people.  And confused people get angry.  And angry people get enraged, become violent and do lots of damage to a particular portion of society if we let them.  Let's not let them or give them reason!

My name is Jessica, This is who I am.  I am a transgender female, I am not a pervert, a child molester or a man in a dress. I am human, I am proud ... and I'm not going anywhere.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trans to Trans -10 Minutes with Kristin Beck.

On SCĒN with Kristin Beck at Harvey Milk's America Diner.  Hillcrest, CA.
--Photo:  Deanna Rivera.
Let's face it, nobody has broken down the doors for Transgender Equality quite like Kristin Beck has.  After serving 20 years in the Navy, with much of it being on Seal Team 6.  Chris Beck became Kristin Beck for the entire world to see and comment on. 

This is true proof that being transgender requires more courage than anybody could ever imagine.  In my opinion, almost nothing could be scarier than being on foreign soil carrying an M-16 and not knowing if you'll get gunned down or blown up any given second.  Nothing, that is, except admitting to the entire world that you are a female deep inside and you can't hold it in any longer...And you have been this way the whole time..Then coming out as transgender!  Reminding the entire world that anybody can come out, or anybody can have G.I.D.and it's more common than one thinks.  And being a manly man, or womanly woman doesn't make it go away.

 Like many of us, Kristin did what she had to do to, what she felt was the right thing.  She did what so many of us did back in the day before Facebook, blogs and You Tube.  We denied our inner self, we hid in closets, secretly buying or stealing women's clothes.  We purged everything in shame only to start recollecting it again a few days later.  Most of us did our manly things and tried to forget about that inner girl that nitpicked at us like a never ending chronic ache.  Many of us became overachievers, introverts, delving into our passions, our work, school, hobbies and family by getting married, having children or joining the worlds most elite fighting team and bringing down international terrorists.  All the while hoping that this odd desire to be female would go away.  Or, many of us thinking that, if we become manly enough, it will prove to the world as well as ourselves that we aren't transgender.  That we're just regular men and this odd phase would end soon.  In a binary society.  I can't speak for every transgender person.  But I grew up angry, rebellious and determined to hide this awful, shameful secret that proved I was (In my mind) not normal.  I fought it to the bitter end until my late thirties, I was convinced that the feeling would NEVER go away.  

I didn't DARE speak of my hidden desire.   Kristen lived even deeper in this abyss.  Expressing her womanly desires while on her job certainly could have ended her life, possibly by her own team.  Needless to say, I wasn't exaggerating when I called her a hero and a pioneer.  Because she is in my eyes.  Kristin Beck Just released her book in August entitled "Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL’s Journey to Coming out Transgender".   

About our interview and the video's

I met Kristin at Harvey Milk's America Diner in Hillcrest California one warm San Diego night.   After her and some of her friends got finished eating, I ambushed their table and asked if I could ask a few questions.  She graciously granted me an interview on the spot!  I was amazed at her humbleness,  mellow demeanor and warm, happy  attitude.  She was sure to delightfully answer my questions very poignantly and with the utmost dignity.    After the interview, we talked, drank and laughed for quite a while.  Toward the end of the night (and a few shots), Kristin decided to pick up the mic and interview ME.  Which was actually quite funny =-)  During this second interview, the realization came to me that she didn't know I was and she was still so awesome!

Be sure to watch both video's!


Now for this one which is uncut and unedited.  Watch as she pries my information out of me.  Yes I ain't too proud to admit I had a few...

Enjoy =-)   

Monday, August 26, 2013

The 38th Annual Nicky Awards

Kristy Salazar and Bike Mike Hosted the Red Carpet event and Wilson Cruz and this years Celebrity Headliner.
The evening of August 25, 2013 marked the 38th Annual Nicky Awards in San Diego.  Hosted and Founded by Nicole Murray Ramirez, the Nicky Awards continues to upkeep the tradition of generosity within the LGBT community with 100% of the proceeds going to the LGBT community Center in Hillcrest.  The Nicky Awards is one of the West Coast’s oldest LGBT community awards.  During the early 1970’s gay communities in major cities like San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, began to establish community award show to honor outstanding achievement in the GLBT community. The Nicky Awards were established in 1974 by longtime gay activist and current City Commissioner Nicole Ramirez!

Go to This place for the actual Nicky Awards Website.

The 1st Nicky Awards were a benefit for the Gay Center and the Metropolitan Community Church. Since 1970’s, the award show has raised thousands of dollars for numerous GLBT causes. The Nicky Awards now hold the distinction of being one of the longest running gay award shows on the west coast and has been called “The Gay Academy Awards of San Diego”. The Nicky Awards are produced by a Board of Governors with the 2012 Chair being Allan Spyere.
The Nicky's has also come to be known as Hillcrest's biggest popularity contests where many of the nominees and winners are from the same big time organizations year after year, without many underdogs or newcomers even being considered.  Popularity contests and nominees aside, it is clear that the real winners every year from the Nicky awards is the LGBT community in San Diego.

A complete list  Nicky award winners below the jump.

And the winners were:

Mayor George Moscone Memorial Award: Bonnie DumanisHarvey Milk Equality Award: Wilson Cruz, Russel Roybal, Gay for GoodMichael Portantino Outstanding Achievement in the Media Award: Bixi CraigMr. Nicky Award 2013 "Outstanding Citizen": Ron SperryOutstanding New Business: Uptown TavernOutstanding Bank: Wells Fargo HillcrestOutstanding Brunch: SnoozeOutstanding HIV/AIDS Service Provider: Being Alive San DiegoOutstanding Pharmacy: Community Prescription WalgreensOutstanding Performing Arts Venue: Diversionary TheatreOutstanding Sports Organization: Front RunnersOutstanding Neighborhood Bar: The CaliphOutstanding On-Line Media: SDGLNOutstanding Straight Ally: Elaine GraybillOutstanding Entertainment Group: San Diego Gay Men's ChorusOutstanding Title Holder: Aaron Duke; Wish LindaOutstanding Levi/Leather Personality: Sir Nicholas - The EagleOutstanding Community Activist: Benny CartwrightOutstanding Writer/Columnist: Jim Winsor - SDGLNOutstanding Publication: The RAGE MagazineOutstanding Levi/Leather Event: Bearnight @ NumbersOutstanding Transgender Personality: Kiki MastersOutstanding Impersonator: Paris Sukomi MaxOutstanding Youth: Marshall AlexanderOutstanding Female Personality: Ana PinesOutstanding Male Personality: Rick CervantesOutstanding Community Volunteer: Steven BlockerOutstanding Adult Business: Pleasures & TreasuresOutstanding Business: FilterOutstanding Business Man: Jay JonesOutstanding Business Woman: Marci BairOutstanding Female Waitperson: Amber - Uptown TavernOutstanding Male Waitperson: Matt Gerwein - BoathouseOutstanding University Heights/North Park Restaurant: Wang's North ParkOutstanding Hillcrest Restaurant: Martinis Above FourthOutstanding Community Event: CityFestOutstanding Community Organization: San Diego LGBT Community CenterOutstanding Bar Employee: Eddie ReynosoOutstanding Bar Manager: Matt Ramon - Urban Mo'sOutstanding Bartender - Female: Freda - Gossip GrillOutstanding Bartender - Male: Kory Hess - Baja Betty'sOutstanding Owner: Chris Shaw & Doug SnyderOutstanding DJ/VJ: Dj TajOutstanding Night Club Dancer: Jeremy StevensOutstanding University Heights/North Park Bar: PECSOutstanding Hillcrest Bar: Urban Mo'sOutstanding Women's Night: Karaoke Night at Gossip GrillOutstanding Bar Event: Church at Babycake'sOutstanding Nightclub/Dance Bar: Rich's


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